Why More Companies are Embracing Sustainability

May 21, 2010 3:41 PM ET

In our professional consulting experience, we have see many great business models and strategies become stagnate, as companies fail to take proactive or immediate action to address changes in consumer expectations or in the market in general.  Soon a once thriving business becomes out of touch with the consumer and business sustainability becomes more than just a buzz word around the office.

According to a new report, Why Sustainability is now the Key Driver of Innovation, from the Harvard Business Review, adopting sustainability as a goal now will help corporations develop business models that will leave competitors scrambling to catch up.  The report lays out five stages for successfully adopting corporate sustainability.
•    View compliance as opportunity.
•    Make value chains sustainable.
•    Design sustainable products and services.
•    Develop new business models.
•    Create next-practice platforms.
With the current state of the global current economy and pending impacts of climate change, the business world is in a real state of flux.  Click here to continue reading.
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