Carbon Emissions Kill Children

In case you need more reasons to act on climate change you can add this to your list: Carbon emissions kill children. I admit it sounds a bit audacious but research by Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygene and Tropical Disease shows its true!

In a Greener Healthcare podcast, Ian explains road traffic crashes as "an energy disease" in which the speed and volume of traffic determine with statistical accuracy the number of road-related deaths of children. His research shows that the only times in history where there have been steep declines in road injuries of children were the times of the energy crises in 1973 and 1979 for example.

It may be a rather intuitive finding but really does help make the BIG problem of carbon emissions a bit more personal. As he explains, "you can just see that this personal problem of being hit by a car are linked to the structural issues around energy".

How else do carbon emissions affect you every day?