Do You Suffer From Constant Muscle Pain?

Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as joint and muscle pain account for more sick leaves in UK and Europe than any other health condition? Based on health studies it has been proved that musculoskeletal disorders cause 60% permanent incapacity at work and 49% of all absence from work. This in turn costs EURO 240 billion to the European economies annually. In the UK, absence from work due to joint and muscle pain costs 7 billion pounds every year to the economy.

Besides joint and muscles pain, musculoskeletal disorders also include arthritis, strain injuries and back pain. Approximately one million people in the UK suffer from these problems and take frequent leave from work. Annually, so many leaves result in the loss of 9.5 million working days. The negative impact of MSDs on the European workforce and economy needs to be avoided. At a time when Europe is trying to stimulate its economy from the impact of global recession, decrease in labor productivity can mar the efforts of its quick revival. The present need for policy makers is to develop methods through which issues related to labor productivity could be addressed in companies at all levels.

Health experts are of view that early intervention will be required to deal with this problem as ageing workforce; rise in obesity and less physical activities can aggravate this issue further in the coming years. If business organizations implement effective health measures at work it will not only reduce the burden on government’s health budgets but also bring down the rate of sick leaves. With early intervention in such cases, companies can also ensure better employee performance.

Chronic pain is also a major health issue in the United States due to which a large number of Americans become totally or partially disabled for few days or weeks. The second highest symptomatic reason is back pain due to which many people visit physicians in the US. As compared to major diseases, health problems like back and joint pain may not seem to be a serious issue but its impact can be felt on economies across the globe.