Health 2.0 Company Launch Review Part 5

The term "Health 2.0" describes the interface between web 2.0-inspired technology and health care. The sector is growing rapidly as patients search for ways to navigate the health care system and companies - both large and small - race to serve consumer needs. The annual Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco (Health 2.0 SF) brings many of the key players under one roof. This year I joined the gathering to learn more about the entrepreneurs, innovators, and consumers doing good work in the Health 2.0 sector and this Justmeans editorial series covers some of the latest companies and products introduced at Health 2.0 SF.

The CTOs of three government players in the health care sector (Todd Park of HHS, Aneesh Chopra of EOSTP, and Peter Levin from the VA) created a stir at Health 2.0 SF with their announcement of data "Liberación." They told the audience (and the audience told Twitter - check out the tweetbeat event page for more) that government-stockpiled data would be released for free to facilitate new health care products and services.

This announcement excited the software designers, Twitter entrepreneurs, and data geeks in the audience and many ran out of the room just then to start new companies.These were not the only health care + information technology business ideas floating around Health 2.0 SF, although some were more developed than others. Below is a list and brief description of some of the standout small companies launched and discussed at the conference.

Company name:
Pitch: Get sexually transmitted infection (STI) status via text message for potential sex partners.
How it works: Adults register by submitting their recent STI test history to Qpid. Then when they encounter a willing mate, they share their passcode and the partner forwards the code via text to Qpid. This triggers a return text from Qpid with the registered user's most recent STI results.
Pros: Technology that makes uncomfortable conversations easier should be welcomed.
Cons: Proof that someone was STI-free last month doesn't proove that they were STI-free yesterday.

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This is the fifth post in a series on Health 2.0 SF. Check out the previous post on the government's data Liberación announcement here and here. Click here and here for two posts on the launch of a new, Dr. Oz-endorsed web portal.

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