How do you cope with the sloths?

<p>I work for myself because I like to think for myself.&nbsp; I'm one of those awkward souls that organisations in the West are going to have to learn to live with, if we're going to find a way to compete in a globalised world.<br /> <br /> I tend to have my own opinions, and I'm not very good at towing the party line.&nbsp; But I'd argue that the awkward squad are just the kind of people who will help to make change happen.<br /> <br /> But it's not easy being a freelancer in the world of regeneration.&nbsp; Without wanting to <a href="">do a Ratner</a>, I'd like to politely suggest that there are plenty of organisations in the field of regeneration that are not particularly dynamic.&nbsp; And if I'm going to make money, I need to work with them.&nbsp; <br /><br /> My favourite business book is <a href="">Marketing Judo.</a>&nbsp; In Marketing Judo terms, the organisations I'm referring to are sloths.&nbsp; Big, bureaucratic and slow.&nbsp; Fond of endless meetings.&nbsp; Staffed by people whose remuneration packages are not related in any way to the social change that they help to create (or too often stifle).<br /> <br /> Marketing Judo talks about how to spot and take on a sloth.&nbsp; By being fit, fast and focussed, you, as a small business, can run rings around them.&nbsp; All very well, but in the regeneration world you often have to find ways to partner with the sloths.&nbsp; That, for a freelancer, can be tough.<br /> <br /> What does it mean in practice?&nbsp; Loads of time spent trying to get contracts, filling in random tender documents.&nbsp; Constantly chasing people, and re-arranging re-arranged meetings.&nbsp; Endless re-juggling of diaries and cashflows as this month's planned work gets delayed til Christmas.&nbsp; The chance to change the world - strangled by bureaucracy.<br /> <br /> I'm not giving up.&nbsp; I think what we need if we're going to create change is increasing amounts of entrepreneurial energy.&nbsp; I find mine partly through working for myself.&nbsp; But I'm working hard to work out how to take on the sloths.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Have you worked out ways to live with the sloths?</p>