Melt the Ice Before You Go: Green Travel With EcoTraction

Green travel means green everything-we-can: transportation, luggage, food, traction… Yes, traction. Believe or not, there is a traction agent on the market that is 100% green. Green in color and green for the world: it actually actively helps the environment.

EcoTraction is made of volcanic material. It's all natural, and it doesn't damage the soil, water, concrete, brick, metal, or anything around your home. Actually, as it seeps into the soil, the volcanic minerals will improve water and nutrient retention, which means the grass will be greener and the plants will be happier come spring. How's that for a green travel traction bonus?

It gets better. EcoTraction captures harmful toxins, since it works at a molecular level against heavy metals. It absorbs lead, mercury, pesticides and PCBs.  EcoTraction is used to soak up spills, absorb odors and filter water. Each EcoTraction granule is capable of attracting and exchanging ions from the environment through Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), since it is negatively charged. Yes, EcoTraction actually helps the environment, and promotes green travel in the whitest winter.

EcoTraction boasts that it provides better traction than sand. Much better traction, actually: it's supposedly SEVEN times better than sand. Or, according to studies at Carleton University stated on another part of their site, EcoTraction provides 35% more traction than sand. You're right, those statistics don't make sense. Well, anyway EcoTraction readily absorbs that slippery layer on the top of ice, water, snow, you know, all that "cold slippery stuff", and it embeds itself.

True, EcoTraction appears to be more expensive, although they claim that actually saves you money. It costs 600% less than premium ice filters, if you follow the recommended spread rates, and it even costs 40% less than sand (unless, of course, you live near a beach). Plus, as you would expect from a green travel product, EcoTraction can be used again and again. Or, you can sweep it into your garden as fertilizer, throw it in the kitty litter, or drop a handful in your glass of water (well... maybe). EcoTraction also boasts that i won't harm your pets, garden, stone landscaping, car, and so forth, so you'll save money that way, too. Also: EcoTraction won't stain if it gets indoors.

EcoTraction works with dry snow, freezing rain, wet heavy snow, and even hard crunchy popcorn snow. For particularly tough snow, you can heat up some EcoTraction in the microwave and have a snack. I mean, you can spread it for instant traction on the snow. You can also wet EcoTraction with water, which makes even more effective. It can be spread by hand, with a homemade spreader, with an ice cream scoop, or even with an industrial or commercial spreader.

EcoTraction is made by the Canadian company, Earth Innovations. You can by EcoTraction on Amazon (with Prime shipping!). Also, if you use EcoTraction, somebody at the company promises that Grover (their dog), will thank you. Grover is also my dog's name, and he will thank you, too.