Merry Christmas with Sustainable Travel to Boulder

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been featuring the best sustainable travel options for acquiring that perfect Christmas tree. We’ve talked about a number of tree farms in the northern half of our country, but there are plenty of sustainable travel options for the Wild West as well. Round up the kids, pack some sustainable road snacks and prepare to be amazed by sustainable Christmas tree farms as you head out west.

Boulder, Colorado is known as the smart, artistic younger sister of Denver, Colorado. Just under an hour outside of Denver, Boulder boasts some of the most beautiful and majestic rolling hills and mountains this country has to offer. The town’s culture is that of laid-back ease with a noticeable penchant for sustainable living, perfect for sustainable travel. It’s no wonder that Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm fits in seamlessly with the town’s culture. While virtually all Christmas tree farms promise the most beautiful trees, Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm goes above and beyond. Visitors of all ages will enjoy their experience in this multi-faceted Christmas tree farm.

Arriving at Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm is like arriving in an artistic playground. Sculptures and paintings are placed throughout the farmland with as much care as the care with which they were created. Resist the urge to yawn, because these artistic creations are not your boring museum paintings. They are created with unimaginable mediums, like vehicle license plates. Adults and children alike will delight in a visit to Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree.

Seize the opportunity to talk about the environment during sustainable travel to Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm. Since they manage to put as much thought into sustainability as they do artistic creativity, using this sustainable travel option as an education tool will not be difficult. The company strives to replant each tree it cuts down. Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree also keeps its farmland irrigated strategically and conservatively. Any of the attendants will be glad to elaborate about their steps to conserve the environment.

Another educational tool at Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm is information about growing Christmas trees. Most farms do a great job at educating their customers about different sustainable farming techniques, but seldom do they offer steps and tips on growing your very own Christmas tree farm. Who knows? Perhaps a trip to Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm will encourage children to pursue a career in sustainable tree farming as well.

Sustainable travel is about education, but it should also include some fun, and Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm supplies just that.  Indulge in some grilled marshmallows and wash it down with delicious hot apple cider.  Plan to spend some fun quality time at this tree farm and experience the fun and fulfillment that comes along with choosing to purchase a sustainably produced Christmas tree.

Photo Credit: scottfeldstein