More Farmers’ Markets for More Sustainable Travel

Farmers’ Markets are a favorite destination for many sustainable travelers. The essence of their fun and local atmosphere make a trip to a nearby or faraway farmers’ market a favorite pastime for the average sustainable traveler. Keeping in line with the rules of economics, the steady increase in popularity of farmers’ markets is causing an increase in demand for the open- air opportunities to help sustainable farmers and benefit local economies. Sustainable traveler’s increased demand for farmers’ markets couldn’t have come at a better time.

Part of the luxury of using sustainable farming techniques is the flexibility in farming itself. Conventional farming is strictly regimented and allows for very little innovation. Farmers who participate in farmers’ markets have recently begun to exercise such freedoms by incorporating greenhouse use as a part of their sustainable farming techniques. The use of greenhouses in crop and product production has allowed sustainable farmers to grow crops well into the cold- winter months, an ability that was not available before the introduction of greenhouses.  The addition of greenhouses in farming regimens has allowed local farmers to keep up with the burgeoning demand for locally grown crop. With the combination of more sustainable travelers and residents as well as more efficient crop production, farmers’ markets across the country are operating year- round and not limited to warm weather months.

More farmers’ market availability is reason enough for sustainable travelers across the country to rejoice. Why not celebrate these extended hours with sustainable travel to a cold- weather region farmers’ market? Blacksburg, Virginia is the perfect cold- weather region offering sustainably and locally produced products year- round. Each Wednesday and Saturday, farmers from nearby towns bring their best products to downtown Blacksburg, attracting locals and travelers alike. Mingle amongst the locals and pick up on helpful cooking tips as well as ideas for sustainable living.  If big- city farmers’ markets are more your pace, consider traveling to Baltimore, Maryland to check out the 32nd Street Farmers’ Market. This local favorite was created to provide better transportation for their local farmers, as well as to raise awareness about sustainable farming and living. 32nd Street Farmers’ Market offers a fun and educational atmosphere while improving its community’s understanding about what it means to live sustainably. In addition to a fantastic selection of fresh produce, vendors from areas surrounding Baltimore bring an array of delicious baked goods, beautiful orchards, healthy smoothies, luxurious body and beauty products and more. A trip to 32nd Street Farmers’ Market is a one-stop-shopping experience for the locals and will change your mind about the limitations of farmers’ markets.

While the change to year- round farmers’ markets may not be adopted by every farmers’ market in the nation, continued support of your local farmers’ market will benefit the community and environment for years to come.

Photo Credit:
Ed Yourdon