Rochester Institute of Technology: Innovative Green Transportation Leader

Colleges and universities must have the right leadership that sets the tone for going green in their transportation practices.  The Rochester Institute for Technology is a leader in green transportation technology by setting the right tone.  To set the right tone, they have named Matt Fronk, a leader of General Motors' Fuel Cell Technology as Director of their Center for Sustainable Mobility.

This sets the right tone, because a college recognizes that to be truly competitive in the 21st Century and to develop innovative new ideas for alternative transportation, having the right people in place is key.  Mr Fronk is thus an excellent choice to head their Center for Sustainable Mobility because he sets the right tone and vision for RIT as it moves forward with various initiatives to promote alternative green transportation mechanisms.

In fact, hiring Mr. Fronk was a great decision not only because he was an obvious choice given his background from GM, but he can certainly help to improve upon and expand The Center for Sustainability's Mission of "advancing the development and commercialization of technologies designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuel, decrease pollution from transportation sources, and increase the use of alternative energy applications."

Certainly, Mr. Fronk's background and expertise especially in fuel cell technology will help RIT develop innovative ways to expand their current research into what is likely to work today and into the future when it comes to developing technologies that actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.  RIT, therefore, is not hiding from or simply waiting for some action from the government to compel them to do something about reducing carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.

Instead by hiring Mr. Fronk and utilizing his expertise, RIT is really going on the cutting edge--not only develop green technologies, but utilize the talents of an expert to go to the next level with green transportation technology research.  Thus, RIT is setting a really good example for other universities when it comes to hiring the right types of people in order to go green.  Consequently, going green is not just a slogan, mission statement, or objective, but rather it is also about the talent assembled to get the job done.

Mr. Fronk's talent and expertise is clearly going to help RIT move forward when it comes to developing the next in line green transportation.  Hopefully, other colleges and universities see RIT's example of hiring the right people to carry out their mission and follow suit.  Then and only then can colleges and universities be on the cutting edge of green transportation, by hiring the right talent.

Photo Credit:  Stahlkocher