Sip Organic Coffee and Save the Environment

Did you know that the sale of organic coffee takes a third of all organic beverage sales in the United States? In 2008, import of organic coffee was the most valuable of all organic imports to North America. Valued at approximately 1.3 billion dollars, the import of organic coffee to North American market has increased 12% in the last year.

So, what is special about organic coffee? According to farming experts, production of organic coffee can be considered a special practice for environment conservation. It can be effective in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals and fertilizers that cause soil erosion by polluting and destroying the groundwater. Apart from protecting the environment, production of organic coffee also reduces the chances of farmers getting cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Due to the rise in consumer demands for products that are healthy for the body as well as the environment, production of organic food and beverages have been encouraged in the last few years. With the concept of sustainable food catching up in countries across the world, beverage manufacturers are realizing the benefits of going green.

Coffee farmers are being encouraged to prefer organic farming methods so that less harm is caused to the soil and consumer demands are also fulfilled. The concept of organic coffee farming is catching up and emphasis is also being placed on composting, recycling, biological activities of the farm and health of the soil used for growing coffee. This contributes to the long term protection of the farms as well as the environment. It is notable that the initial investment required for growing organic coffee is less as compared to the traditional crop. This is because there is no upfront purchase of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers involved.

Not to forget, organic farming methods are extremely beneficial for our planet. Even forests can be preserved since organic coffee is mostly shade grown. But how will consumers know if coffee labeled as ‘organic’ has been grown sustainably? In the US, organic coffee farmers need to pass laws maintained by the Department of Agriculture to be able to market a certified organic. We have been buying organic coffee for flavor and social and environmental health of the community, what about you?