Offers Sustainable Travel to the Ski Slopes (Via Train)

In Europe, skiers can usually access the slopes by train, and rail travel has plenty of advantages. As the the site, suggests about train travel: "it's better for you" and "it's better for the planet". Trains produce 90% of the carbon emissions of air travel. Train travel is also significantly better for the environment than driving, producing less than half the carbon emissions of cars.

In 2007, French Government agency found that the average skiers carbon footprint was made up mostly of their journey (73%). Here's a good stat from snowcarbon: if a passenger takes the plane instead of the train from the UK to a European resort, it's equivalent to leaving a TV on standby for 22 years. And, besides the sustainable travel factor, snowcarbon offers a list of personal incentives as to why passengers should choose the train: it's scenic, family friendly, comfortable, hassle-free, and so forth.

Snowcarbon offers skiers rail information, including itineraries and packages. Passengers can book seats and get deals through the site. It's not a simple booking site, though. Snowcarbon is packed with descriptions, suggestions and other details. For example, selecting "Your ideal resort", whether it's "good for families" or "gourmet restaurants" (or both) will yield a list of matches with a rating based on your priorities.

Articles on the site offer suggestions such as "What to eat and drink in Austria" (including goulash, pumpkin, and garlic soup, and tafelspitz, tender boiled beef with creamed spinach and horseradish, etc). The site was founded by two journalists in an effort to spread the word about rail travel to European ski resorts, and other writers have added detailed articles regarding locations and travel options.

The Internet is loaded with information, and it can be hard to find anything. With the help of snowcarbon, though, it's easy to find comprehensible sustainable travel options to the Alps. Plus, snowcarbon suggests that traveling by rail isn't just about reducing a single person's carbon footprint. If travelers choose to go-by-train, more rail holidays will become available.  Like all industries, sustainable travel responds to supply and demand.

Photo credit: Robin Webster