Sustainable living through a macrobiotic diet in Kuala Lumpur

Today after the conference, I headed to Woods Bio Marche which is a macrobiotic, organic and vegan restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. It was an interesting experience mostly because it was a totally unexpected find - I didn't think I would find such a place in KL and it was as excellent surprise. They serve food which is 100% organic, macrobiotic, all vegetarian and vegan with no chemicals, flavor enhancers or MSG.

The restaurant is surprisingly inexpensive and the quality of food is very good. The ambience is clean, light with all the wonderful smells of fresh food permeating the air. It is the oldest macrobiotic restaurant in KL and has been in operation since 1993. Each dish on the menu is labeled with a specific health benefit like acid balance, bone health, anti-inflammatory, relaxation, digestive, good memory or high calcium. Their health food store sells many different items which is worth having a look at.

Founded by June Ka Lim, on the principles of a macrobiotic eating, the restaurant also offers diet counselling. The Macrobiotic Diet is centered on the ancient oriental philosophical principals of Yin & Yang (balance and harmony), those complimentary yet opposite forces found throughout the universe are experienced in the way you prepare food enabling you to achieve harmony within yourself and the environment.

Through the use of whole grains, natural foods, and local, seasonal ingredients combined with harmonious cooking techniques. A macrobiotic diet is great way towards sustainable living as the food is grown and consumed with health as well as environmental awareness.

They also make their own bread and pastry which are made without dairy, eggs and trans-fat or sugar. Breads are organic and naturally leavened. Cakes are made from organic whole grain flour for the fibre content. As a pioneer of Malaysia's organic food movement, the restaurant clearly knows what it is doing. The founder is a macrobiotic practitioner and have involved sustainable living principles into her business model. They send the food waste to organic farms for composting and they also recycle plastics and encourage shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

According to the founder, the signature dish is the 5-Energy Yakuzen Somen Noodles which is made from organic whole grain wheat flour flavoured naturally with 5 colours such as carrot, beet, matcha, black bean, and oat. Their signature dessert is soy chili ice cream made from organic soy milk, brown rice malt, kanten seaweed with no added sugar. The staff are highly knowledgeable, polite and helped us in recommending suitable dishes. We had the basil brown rice which I would recommend highly as well as the dumpling set.

According to June, "cost and personal attitude are always the main challenges in promoting environmentally friendly products or lifestyle. I find people feel distant to the planet earth and don't associate the environment with their life. Our products come without hidden costs and the better health they provide means reduced medical fees - these are facts that we emphasise much to our consumers. It is not easy but it is our responsibility."

Don't give this a miss if ever in KL!