Sustainable Packaging Videos Demand Biodegradable Lip Balm Tubes, Egg Cartons and More

The winners of the first pkg Sustainable Packaging Challenge were recently announced on Justmeans.  Participants were invited to submit a one minute video about an unsustainable packaging design that could be replaced with sustainable packaging such as pkg Industries' PaperFoam.  The winner received a $1,000 prize.

The Winning Videos
Winners for the Sustainable Packaging Challenge were chosen based on creativity, quality and the number of votes they received.  The winning video was posted by Micaela Kennedy and called out Target for unsustainable tea kettle packaging.  Francis T. Roughan, Sustainability & Social Enterprise Director for pkg Industries, told Justmeans that he plans to speak with Target about the issue raised in this video during an upcoming Sustainable Packaging Coalition meeting.

A close runner up in the Sustainable Packaging Challenge was Leanne Do, who posted a creative video asking Ballard Organics Lip Balm to change their unsustainable plastic tube design to something more sustainable, such as biodegradable PaperFoam.  Other notable videos from the contest included Sarah Gallagher's stop motion animation video about Nature's Yoke egg cartons, and Kathyrn Long's clay animation short about packaging waste from JC Penny's, which Francis T. Roughan said was his personal favorite from the contest.

The Sustainable Packaging Challenge was the first of its kind, but pkg Industries plans to sponsor another contest this summer, so check back soon with Justmeans to learn about the new Sustainable Packaging Challenge.

About PaperFoam
Many of the videos in the Sustainable Packaging Challenge mention PaperFoam, a sustainable packaging solution created by pkg Industries.  PaperFoam is made from natural, renewable resources such as natural fibre and starch, and is biodegradable, unlike the plastic packaging so often attacked in the Challenge videos.  The carbon emissions created from the production of PaperFoam are up to 70% less than carbon emissions from the creation of plastic packaging, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious companies.  PaperFoam is lightweight and can be recycled with other paper products.  The molding technology of PaperFoam is versatile enough to fit almost any product, including jewelry, compact discs, electronics and much more.  Big-name companies such as Apple, Nike and Motorola are already using sustainable PaperFoam packaging from pkg Industries.

Photo Credit:  ds-foto :: bembelkandidat