Sustainable Sustenance with Sustainable Travel to Paris

Sustainable travel ideas in Europe are almost limitless. Even though Paris is known as the city of love, art, and fashion, this world- class city can soon add something else to its repertoire- sustainable living. As we’ve seen with the recent world climate meetings, our European friends seem to be jumping on board the sustainability train a bit faster than we are stateside. We are in the brunt of holiday season, but I urge you to step away from the Toys R’ Us catalog and begin thinking about your sustainable travels in 2011. Now, think about your sustainable travels to Paris.

A World in a Pan is an energetic organization seeking to educate as many as possible about the joys of sustainable living and cooking. Sustainable travel to A World in a Pan will leave you with a satisfied palette and an intrigued mind. Their main tag line is, “The New Culture Sensitive Cooking School Concept.” This is a mouthful, but A World in a Pan lives up to it, to say the very least. One visit to their website will quickly show you that this well- organized business knows how to focus on its purpose and create excitement and buzz.

Visitors to Paris’s A World in a Pan will be privy to cooking classes that teach students how to create the most delicious French meals using organic and locally produced products. The well- planned classes last for three hours, designating two hours for preparing the class menu and one hour for sharing your creations with your class mates. The refreshingly unique approach of World in a Pan is to not only guide you in the steps of making awesome French dishes, but also educating you about the food’s origins and diverse uses as well. Instructors will even give students ideas about how to reintroduce dishes into new meals, and how to store leftovers as well. And as previously mentioned, A World in a Pan believes in designating an hour of time to share with classmates, regardless of whether students know each other or not. This provision is especially beneficial if you happen to be embarking on this sustainable travel experience alone. This movement speaks to French culture of slowing down and really enjoying the company of one another. Such an idea is far-reaching because it not only goes against obesity-inducing behaviors, but it also cultivates the need for community as well. Working with each other is one of the most important tools we all have to generate enthusiasm about sustainability.

There are a number of different class formats sustainable travelers can choose from. One of the most popular class formats is their recreational cooking class. Students will be educated about some of the finest wines and cheeses produced in France, which clearly puts the “recreation” in recreational classes. Other class formats include, “Girls Night,” “Simply Cooking,” and much more. Classes are reasonably priced, so consider booking your sustainable travel plans with A World in a Pan today.

Photo Credit: hirotomo