Sustainable Travel at a Cracker Barrel Near You

Whether or not people would like to admit it, sustainable travel has the potential to become a badge of economic honor. Since the economy continues to take a turn for the worse and that “haves” quickly become the “have not’s,” our society is scrambling to find new ways to show class separation. Sustainable travel usually requires thinking outside of the box, but moreso, it requires having a stash of disposable income. Just like that, sustainable travel transitions from an innocent ply to save the environment to a more socially acceptable way of keeping up with the Jones.’ It is for this reason that places like Cracker Barrel make me especially excited and hopeful.

Cracker Barrel may not be known for its fine dining, but it is surely known for having the best French toast on most interstates around the country. With its quaint country store always fully stocked with the best knick- knacks and tasty road treats, Cracker Barrel is easily an American staple. And now, Cracker Barrel is joining in the movement to make a more environmentally- friendly America by offering electric car charging stations. That’s right. Your eyes did not deceive you. The same establishment that is known for its serene rocking chair- lined deck and its delicious stuffing served year round is now a charging station for your uber trendy electric car. Ecotality will install chargers made by Blink, an electric car charging company, at Cracker Barrel beginning with 24 locations across Tennessee. So if your sustainable travels include Tennessee, you’ll be able to recharge at any of the Cracker Barrel locations. Charging time should take about 30 minutes, which isn’t long at all. In the time it takes for you to get a table (most loyal Cracker Barrel fans can attest to its high demand during peak hours), your electric car could be fully charged and ready to hit the road to continue your sustainable travels.

The greatest advantage of having charging stations at Cracker Barrel is the proximity to interstates and highways. Cracker Barrel was modeled to represent slow home cooking in time when you sat back and rocked in the rocking chair while waiting for the flavors to settle perfectly in your food, all while being a rocks throw away from the interstate. Slow home cooking with convenience is what this company thrives on, and adding charging stations is a genius idea. Now, instead of having to plug in the GPS to locate a charging station embedded deep in a city or town, you can just follow the exit signs to Cracker Barrel.

Sustainable living and conventional living are growing closer together. The days of sustainable living being available to only the upper echelons of society are finally fading away in our rear view mirror.

Photo Credit: suthernsir