Sustainable Travel- Jamaican Beachside

Sustainable travel and physical activity provide the perfect ingredients for a Jamaican cocktail of community outreach. While most travelers know Jamaica’s beaches as a prime beach vacation location, a few kind- hearted and driven souls are working to make them known for something more. If you are looking for a sustainable travel opportunity that will be equally beneficial for you, the environment, and a local community, Jamaica’s Off Road Triathlon is just the sustainable travel opportunity for you.

This event is really beginning to grow in popularity. Jamaica’s Off Road Triathlon attracts hundreds of willing souls to participate annually. The event includes a 500-meter swim, 25 K bike ride, and a 5K run. This may sound like a standard triathlon, but not many triathlons take place in some of the most scenic parts of Jamaica. The 500-meter swim takes place in the crystal clear ocean water off the coast of Jamaica. The 25K bike ride is positioned on a bountifully vegetated mountainside. The 5K run is about 3.1 miles of beautiful Jamaican countryside. Your senses will delight in the amazing racecourse of this triathlon. You may just forget about the amount of energy your body is exerting to complete the event.

The organization that benefits from this race is the main reason Jamaica’s Off Road Triathlon is such an awesome option for sustainable travel.  The proceeds from the event go to the Treasure Beach Foundation. This foundation is determined to equip young islanders with the necessary skills to become independent and self- sufficient residents of the island. Unfortunately, tourism has a way of painting glossy postcards of high- demand vacation spots, all the while ignoring the fact that the majority of the locals are left to fend for themselves. Organizations like Treasure Beach Foundation realize the importance in developing a self- sufficient society that does not have to take a back seat to the glossy depictions made by the conventional tourism industry. Treasure Beach Foundation seeks to accomplish this lofty yet attainable goal by providing financial and voluntary assistance to Treasure Beach schools. Students are able to receive the teaching and learning materials they need through the generous donations of time and money by the people at Treasure Beach Foundation. The importance of education is encouraged throughout the community in many ways, including scholarships for students who prove to be headed in the right direction. In addition to educational assistance, Treasure Beach Foundation also aids in hurricane evacuation or clean up if needed. This foundation is far- reaching, and proceeds from Jamaica’s Off Road Triathlon will be welcomed.

Now that you have ample reason to make this race event a part of your sustainable travel plans, there are a few things to keep in mind about the race event itself. Registration is $65 for individuals, and $90 for relay teams. The race is limited to 150 participants, so be sure to register before it’s too late.

Photo Credit: alredmoya