Sustainable Travel- Oakland Style

Despite what economists and news pundits may have to say, this is an exciting time in history, and part of the excitement is directly related to sustainable travel. With sustainable travel as mode of transportation change, cities and towns previously associated with nothing more than violence and corruption are now joining in the fight to preserve nature and are emerging as sustainable powerhouses. One such city is Oakland, California. Most think of Oakland and its alarming crime statistics and the infamous football player who was virtually inescapable in the mid- nineties. With the election of key forward thinkers, Oakland is stepping into a new decade as a city with dramatically decreased crime rates, flourishing economy, and more importantly, a new reverence for sustainable living. A specific organization in this rejuvenated city is spearheading the effort and is worth consideration for your next sustainable travel itinerary.

Urban Village is an organization out of Oakland that is dedicated to bringing farmers’ market products to the streets of Oakland. California is largely known for its high produce standards in both the sustainable and conventional farming realms, but like so many other urban, less gentrified cities, Oakland is rarely included in this assumption. It is for this reason that financial support through sustainable travel is needed for Urban Village, to send a message to the rest of the economy that, when exposed to the ideals of sustainable living, urban and un- gentrified environments deserve sustainably produced products as well.

Sustainable travel to Urban Village is sure to satiate your appetite as well as quench your thirst for knowledge about sustainability. Urban Village offers an exciting farmers’ market atmosphere that is perfect for the whole family. Urban Village attendants are enthusiastic about answering questions about sustainability and sustainable farming, so be sure to inquire to your hearts’ content. Kids and adults alike will love the ample samples available at Urban Village, which makes for a fun visit that includes trying products for the first time. While food is usually the main attraction at a farmers’ market, Urban Village seeks to support all of its local sustainable producers, even those who produce arts, crafts, and paintings. Vendors from all over the community bring their best creations to the farmers’’ market. In addition to an exciting shopping experience and wealth of information, Urban Village also hosts several entertainment events throughout the year. Experiencing the excitement of a farmers’ market while listening to the sounds of local musicians creates a memorable farmers’ market experience for everyone.

Sustainable travel should not be exclusive to the upper echelons of society. It is only when the principles of sustainable living reach ears of every economic class that true adoption of sustainability will occur. Urban Village seems to effortlessly show the rest of the country the sustainability is crossing barriers and bringing communities together for the sake of our environment.

Photo Credit: joefutrelle