Sustainable Travel Sustainable Snacks

You have finally begun to embrace a sustainable living lifestyle. By embracing sustainable living, you know that you are providing safer environments and fair wages for farmers and farming communities all over the country. You know that by choosing food, soaps, and even clothing products produced on sustainable farms, you are dramatically reducing or completely eliminating the risk of ingesting dangerous pesticides and pollution. You also know that supporting sustainable farms by purchasing their products preserves the environment. Congratulations! Now that you have made such dramatic yet beneficial changes, what happens when you need to continue your improved lifestyle with sustainable travel? Sustainable living is gaining momentum, but that momentum has yet to be felt by commercial airlines. The solution is to check out a few of the many companies now offering sustainable food online. can be considered one stop shopping for all of your sustainable food needs. In addition to finding a good selection of sustainable food, visitors can find local sustainable living social groups in their own neighborhood, financially support farming communities around the country, or interact with other sustainable living enthusiasts by blogging or participating in forum discussions. Sustainable travel becomes less of a burden the moment you click the “Shop” tab. Mounting research proves that nutrients naturally occurring in foods are better preserved when they are grown by sustainable farming techniques. Local Harvest offers a number of these nutritious, wholesome, and convenient foods that are optimal for long flights or your next backpacking adventure. Portable goodies like dried fruit or trail mix will make sustainable travel a tasty experience!

If your travel plans are both stateside and roadside, there is another forward thinking website to ease your sustainable travel concerns- The succinct interface makes navigating the website a breeze. This website does it all. Visitors are invited to search for sustainable food establishments all over the country by keyword, zip code, city, or state. One of the most exciting features of the website allows visitors to plan a trip that revolves around sustainable eating with the trip planner. Simply enter the starting and ending address and search results are generated, showcasing every sustainable food restaurant along the travel route. This handy tool allows you to plan your road trip while adding an unexpected element to sustainable travel. Since tests have shown that sustainable food actually tastes better due to the lack of chemical injections, all of the recommended eateries are sure to be satisfying.

The days of relying on chemically produced airplane food or hamburgers made from poorly treated animals are behind us. and are just two of the many online resources that make sustainable travel and eating more convenient and accessible.

Photo Credit:  Bastique