Sustainable Travel to New Wine Country: Vermont

One of the most important aspects of sustainable travel is providing a public spotlight for organizations prioritizing sustainability. Sustainable travel aids even more when the public spotlight is focused on an organization that lies in a market outside of the typical “sustainability bubble.” Vermont is known for its frigid temperatures and close- knit community. Steadily, Vermont is becoming well- known for its strides towards sustainable business. From local farmers’ markets to fair trade chocolate factories, Vermont is creating a sustainable culture all its own. One member of this sustainable circle is the Shelburne Vineyard. Most automatically think of California when it comes to flavorful wine, but sustainable travel to Shelburne Vineyard is sure to convince you otherwise.

Shelburne Vineyard prides itself in creating its delicious hand- crafted wine, and rightly so. Their wine is made from Northern Varietal Grapes, which are shipped in from regional farms. Shelburne Vineyard is committed to upholding sustainable agriculture practices, making this east coast vineyard perfect for sustainable travel. Shelburne Vineyard values education for its satisfied consumers, and they really enjoy hosting wine tours. A quick browse through the website will give you an idea of how much you will learn on a tour, from information about the very grapes they use to create their wildly successful and profitable wines to educational information about their sustainable farming practices.

The winery is housed in an eco- friendly building and has the credentials to prove it. Sustainability is applied to even the slightest construction details, such as their decadent cherry Tasting Bar. This beautifully crafted piece of wood is crafted locally from wood that was harvested at Shelburne Farms, which eliminates harmful emissions associated with shipping in the wood from elsewhere. Lighting fixtures that adorn the rooms of the winery are made of copper, which was also crafted by a local coppersmith. Buying local not only keeps their economy alive and well, but it also reduces their carbon footprint for the environmental community as well. Sustainable travelers will relish in this double benefit.

Sustainable travelers will also relish in sustainably produced wine. Unlike some wineries that are clearly marketed towards only the most experienced connoisseur, Shelburne Vineyard wine tastings are meant to be enjoyed by wine lovers of every level. An atmosphere of fun and enjoyment makes tasting wine a memorable experience. While having fun, tour guides educate tasters on the origin and flavors of the wines. Education never tasted this good!

In addition to wine, Shelburne Vineyard’s retail shop offers a wide selection of local goods and products. Be sure to pick up a tasty bottle of Eden Ice Cider or a roll of Shelburne Farms cheese. You’ll want all the souvenirs you can stuff in your suitcase to remember this fun sustainable travel experience.

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