Sustainable Travel to Volunteer on a Community Farm

Sustainable travel has become an incredibly popular way to travel over the past few years. What has caused the increase in popularity? There are a number of factors, but the fact that sustainable travel offers sustainable travel possibilities for so many different types of people is probably one of the leading reasons. For the sustainable traveler who prefers to gain more education about sustainability from afar, sustainable art events are a great match. For the slightly more adventurous sustainable traveler, a number of outdoor sports activities provide the perfect balance of environmental reverence and adrenaline. The environmentally conscious traveler who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty should consider volunteering at a community farm. The experience of truly becoming one with nature while working alongside community members is memorable, to say the least. A promising number of community farms continue to pop up all over the world. If your travels take you to the Chicago area, volunteer with the City Farm.

Located between two of Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Cabrini- Green and Gold Coast, City Farm is a community lead and operated community farm. Through hard work and diligence, City Farm produces delicious and nutritious vegetables for both communities. Produce such as beets, carrots, arugula, herbs, and much more are grown at City Farm and then distributed amongst neighboring communities. This truly sustainable urban farm upholds the principles of sustainable farming, including the need for compost, with an urban flair. Favorite Chicago restaurants such as Frontera Grill & Topolobampo, North Pond, and Lula Café have joined in the mission to promote community farming through City Farm. Trimmings and “wasted” food from some of Chicago’s most renowned, five star restaurants are brought to City Farms where volunteers transform the excess materials into composted soil, which is then used to grow more vegetables. In addition to its reverence for sustainable farming, City Farm also believes in community involvement. To live in a real sustainable world requires one to treat both the environment and fellow community members with care, and volunteering at City Farm will surely enforce these principles.

Volunteers are always welcomed at City Farm, but more volunteers are needed during the harvesting seasons of spring and fall. Embarking on your sustainable travel adventures with a group? City Farm warmly welcomes volunteer groups of all ages and sustainable knowledge levels. Volunteer educators are often on board to provide educational workshops for prospective sustainable farmers, transforming this experience from a solely volunteerism experience to a learning experience.

City Farm is one of the many community farms around the world that is taking the lead as our society continues to embrace sustainable living. If dirt, bugs, and compost don’t make you squirm, consider volunteering with an organization like City Farm.

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