Sustainable Travel with a cup of Hot Chocolate

Sustainable travel can restore the environment, but it can also help to restore your sanity. If you live anywhere north of I-10 in the United States, you’ve been experiencing pre- winter temperatures that are well below normal for this time of year, and sustainable travel is the last thing on your mind. Cold, blustery days begin as nostalgic, but after about a week’s worth of sub- freezing temperatures, even the most dedicated winter weather fan can begin to beg for a respite from the harsh conditions. Since the weather is out of our control, why not find creative ways to bask in all its glory? What better remedy is out there for the winter weather blues than a cup of delicious hot chocolate? Find out how your favorite winter crutch can be enjoyed during sustainable travel.

Peruse the isles of your local natural food store and you’re sure to find an assortment of delectable treats made by Lake Champlain Chocolates, a chocolate company located in Vermont.  Lake Champlain prides itself on creating incredibly flavorful chocolate delights from all natural or organic ingredients. Included in their long list of environmentally friendly chocolate creations are its well- known hot chocolate varieties. While it is important to not that Lake Champlain Chocolates does sale chocolate products made of conventional ingredients, this sweet company strives to support fair trade farmers as much as they can. One of their best fair trade chocolate products is the Organic Fair Trade Hot Chocolate. Customers rave about its smooth flavor and welcomed lack of granularity. The true advantage to sipping a cup of Organic Fair Trade Hot Chocolate is that fair trade practices allow the proceeds to assist in improving and maintaining the communities that produced the fair trade chocolate. And while a cup of hot chocolate is especially enticing during this time of the year, Lake Champlain Chocolate already offers a number of other fair-trade chocolate creations.

So where does sustainable travel come into this chocolate affair? Lake Champlain Chocolates is enthusiastic about teaching visitors about the craft of making chocolate. This chocolate maker has also been increasing its efforts to do business with fair trade farmers, and a factory tour will surely help sustainable travelers get a first- hand glimpse at Lake Champlain Chocolates’ efforts at work. As you near the factory, you’ll notice that the community of Burlington, Vermont thrives on living within the confines of nature, not living against it. Residents have a respect for nature and enjoy partaking in many environmentally- sustainable outdoor activities. There are also a number of natural food shops around the area.

A trip to Lake Champlain Chocolate will be the sweetest sustainable adventure you’ve embarked on yet. If you’re mouth is watering and you’d like to schedule a factory tour, get more details on Lake Champlain’s website.

Photo Credit: Rich Moffitt