Take a Chilean Hike to Sustainable Travel

It’s no secret that the concept of physical activity and sustainable travel are a preferred method of sustainable travel. There are only a few activity combinations that allow a traveler to do as much good for their heart rate as they are doing for the environment. One of the many ways to experience this perceived phenomenon is by taking a hike. The temperatures have taken their first plummet of the season and many of us have snow- covered roads, but that shouldn’t deter you from seeking this environmentally friendly activity elsewhere.

Chile has seen its share of publicity this year, and for good reason. But a lesser-known wonder of this courageous land is that it is one of the best locations for year- round hiking. The Patagonian Steppe is a particularly attractive hiking locale for the fit sustainable traveler. The Patagonian Steppe is also commonly referred to as “Torres del Paine” simply means “Towers of Paine,” but pain of any sort should not be experienced here. Larger than life granite pillars tower over 6,500 feet above the Patagonian Steppe, providing a natural wonder for any sustainable traveler. Hikers will delight in the 45,000 acres of park ground weaving around the giant pillars. It may come as surprise to some, but this area has several well- maintained trails and refugios, or “mountain huts,” for a challenging hike throughout this natural oasis. A total of eight refugious are strategically scattered along the trails, providing camping equipment and supplies for eager and needy hikers.

While some of the other Justmeans physical activity news stories have promoted active sustainable travel suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, hiking in around the Patagonian Steppe is recommended for experienced hikers. Two trails are wildly popular with hiking enthusiasts who come to visit this amazing granite site. One trail has been dubbed as the circuit. If you wish to embark on an eight- day hiking and trekking adventure, circuiting is for you. But if you prefer a five- day hiking and trekking experience, the “W” is for you. The “W” is named for the shape of the trail, which puts hikers out the same way they came into the trail. There are several trails that provide spectacular views of natural rock formations.

Camping grounds are well placed along the challenging trails and are also reported to be well-maintained. Hiking in the Patagonian Steppe is a wonderful opportunity for experienced hikers put their skills to the test. It’s apparent that the people at Patagonian Steppe have maintained their hiking establishments so well that tourists from all over the world list Patagonian Steppe as one if its primary hiking destinations. Uphold sustainable travel standards by remembering to leave the hiking trails and camping grounds just as you found them. By participating in an activity that is not harmful to the environment, hikers do their part in preserving nature as we know it.

Photo Credit: kevindooley