The Incredible Story of Cancer Survivor Jeri Mulder Who Is Donating $1 Million To The LIVESTRONG Foundation

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – This is the remarkable story of cancer survivor, Jeri Mulder who in 1988, aged only 20, a mother of two and a wife in an unstable relationship, battled the disease. Fast-forward to 28 years later, Jeri and her now husband Jeff are donating $1 million to the LIVESTRONG Foundation to ensure that cancer patients and survivors get the support and access to care Jeri didn’t have. Back then, Jeri had no time to worry about the lump forming in her neck. When she was finally able to get checked, she didn’t have the means to see an oncologist; she had few resources and no insurance. So Jeri found a job with insurance benefits, but had to wait for the three-month eligibility period. During this time, Jeri was left wondering if it was cancer, if it was spreading and what would happen to her children if she died.

Finally, Jeri was diagnosed with a slow-moving form of thyroid papillary cancer, and underwent two surgeries, and radioactive iodine treatment before being declared cancer free. Jeri made a full recovery, meeting and marrying Jeff Mulder, having two more children and building a life together. However, Jeri wonders how different life would have been if an organisation had existed in 1988 that could have supported her during her cancer experience - getting insurance, access to care, explaining her treatment options, offering emotional support and even a helping hand in practical matters like talking to her family about the disease.

Recognising that the LIVESTRONG Foundation, a not-for-profit, does all these vital things, Jeri was determined to “do something big” and decided to raise a $1 million, which she has done with Jeff. The $1 million donation will come over the next five years, with the possibility of even more to come based upon other fundraising ideas from their own family organisation called the Shine Foundation. Jeff and Jeri Mulder’s donation will make a huge difference to thousands of cancer survivors who are supported by the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

Through the first three months of this year, LIVESTRONG has served almost twice as many people than in the same period in 2015! It has saved its clients $2.4 million in both fertility preservation services and other cancer-related concerns in 2016 alone. This Foundation fights to improve the lives of people affected by cancer and for the last 19 years, it has been a voice for cancer survivors, serving more than three million people.

A pioneer in the field of surviving, LIVESTRONG remains a leader in providing direct services to cancer patients and survivors, advocating for policies that enhance quality of life, and creating partnerships that create access to programs across the U.S. This October, LIVESTRONG is celebrating its 20th annual Austin Challenge/Ride for the Roses event and wants to raise $1 million to serve cancer patients and urging Americans to sign up to ride or run in honour or memory of a loved one affected by cancer.

Photo Credit: Via 3BL Media