What are your Green Transportation Ideas?

Green transportation may not be as easy as it appears on paper.  In particular, for companies of the 21st Century, to compete they must find innovative and creative ways to go green and maintain as well as increase their bottom line.  However, the question is:  How do companies make green part of their transportation culture and initiatives?  In other words, companies may have the question of:  Is it possible to have a green transportation goal while simultaneously maintaining a bottom line?

Well, it turns out , individuals in the logistics, supply chain, and transportation industry have come up with a way to solve that problem--by h0lding conferences and forums where such issues can be addressed and discussed.  In other words, transportation companies, for example, need to know how to go green not just without losing their competitive edge, not just a lecture on why it is necessary to go green.

When the transportation, supply chain, and logistics companies get together at the Green Transportation and Logistics Summit, they look at the issues of innovation in going green in terms of overall transportation by looking at:  "What is being done, what needs to be done, how to do it, and how it can be accomplished in a way that increase ROI (Return on Investment)-instead of adding cost to your operation."  Consequently, today's transportation, logistics, and supply chain companies should share ideas, goals, and innovative ways to go green without sacrificing profits, etc.

Therefore, anytime there is a summit among those in the transportation industry to find innovative ways to go green is a good positive step.  Such summits are helpful in terms of generating ideas and opportunities for all who to participate to develop the next best innovation in green transportation taking into account various factors such as what has been done, what can be done, and how obstacles to innovation can be overcome.

Consequently, a summit is great if it generates forward thinking ideas in today's green revolution.  Often summits may help to bring about the next step for a company whereby they go from having an idea on paper to making it become a reality after learning about the experiences of others.  Thus, green transportation ideas are not developed in a vacuum or by one company in the logistics, supply chain, or transportation fields.  Rather, it takes ideas from everyone which can often be aired in a public forum.  Summits, therefore, if productive and fruitful should be generators of ideas for 21st Century green technology.

Photo Credit:  MOOOOOPS