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CNH Industrial Is Recognized by the European Commission's Innovation Radar for Its Work on Data Interoperability in Agriculture


Every aspect of modern daily life generates significant quantities of data. Sometimes overwhelming amounts. And this data is only of value when it can be read, understood and then employed for useful purposes. This principal applies equally to family life as it does to agriculture.

A Field Guide to Creating a Regenerative Brand

General Mills and Dave’s Killer Bread are building a radically better future with regenerative business models

By Liz Courtney

Behold the Mighty Chickpea - Supporting Local Agriculture at Kışladağ


Small in stature, but packed with nutrients and flavour, the versatile chickpea – also known as the garbanzo bean – has long been a staple of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern diets for thousands of years. The earliest known use of chickpeas dates to 3500 B.C. in Turkey, and today they are grown in more than 50 countries, where they eventually turn into delicious curries and stews, spicy snacks, crunchy salad toppings or even ground into flour for other culinary purposes.

CGF Forest Positive Coalition Launches Commodity Working Group on Beef

Press Release

February 16, 2021, /3BL Media/ - The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Forest Positive Coalition of Action, a CEO-led initiative of leading consumer goods companies taking collective action for a forest positive future, has now launched a Beef Working Group as part of its ongoing efforts to remove deforestation, forest degradation and conversion from key commodity supply chains.

P&G's Ambition 2030 Goals, Help Conserve Precious Resources and Restore the World


Today, we have new ways to measure the impact of our actions and new tools and technologies to manage how we affect the environment. We also have years of experience that help us refresh our approach to environmental stewardship and evolve what it means to be “environmentally sustainable.” In 2018, we took a hard look and refocused our energy toward 2030, with a new set of goals and an embrace of new practices intended not just to reduce our footprint and conserve precious resources, but to help restore the world, ultimately leaving it better than we found it.

Collaboration Is Key to Scaling Regenerative Agriculture

By Roya Sabri

It’s been almost a year since grocery shelves around the world emptied as coronavirus hit the news. These large-scale — and in some cases long-term — shortages revealed vulnerabilitiesin our centralized food systems and globalized supply chains.

Cascadian Farm Commits $750,000 to The Nature Conservancy to Rebuild Wildlife Habitat and Restore Groundwater on Farmland in the Sacramento Valley

Two-year program aims to build farm and farmer resilience in key sourcing region
Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS, February 3, 2021 /3BL Media/ – Cascadian Farm, a pioneering brand in the organic movement, announced its commitment of $750,000 to The Nature Conservancy to help rebuild farmland in California’s Sacramento Valley. The two-year investment will focus on partnering with farmers to rebuild wildlife habitat and regenerate groundwater on more than 25 million square feet, equal to 600 acres of farmland, in this key sourcing region for the brand.

Using 5G to Transform Farming and Improve Food Resiliency

By John Saw, EVP of Advanced & Emerging Technologies

Farming, it is the most important job on our planet, and it is an industry with massive potential for generating and using raw data. Yet few industries have been as limited by data connectivity. With 5G, that is changing. All around the world farmers are embracing wireless technology, finding better ways to feed and sustain the planet.

Food Resiliency Project Uses 5G to Transform Farming and Improve Food Resiliency

Multimedia with summary

This week, we announced a collaboration between Snohomish County, the 5G Open Innovation Lab and our partners to create a state-of-the-art agriculture technology field lab at two farms in rural Washington. It’s called the Food Resiliency Project and it’s funded by the CARES Act with the goal to bring together farmers, distributors and technology companies to transform the agriculture industry and improve food resiliency.


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