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Strategies to Move Toward a Circular Economy


For companies that are just starting out in the world of circularity, it can be unclear exactly how to get started and what the end goal is. Business leaders might find themselves talking in circles around the topic without making any progress, especially when talking to different stakeholder groups across their company or when looking at peers in their industries. Circularity can seem like an impossible end goal, but there are strategies to help you start and move toward a circular economy.

Understanding Traditional Linear Economy vs Circular Economy

Impact Investment Pioneer Raj Thamotheram

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In these times, small investors may feel uneasy, not to mention unsure of how to use their investment power conscientiously. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to Dr. Raj Thamotheram, an expert in socially responsible investing, about how the field has changed over the years.

Reasons to Be Hopeful About Climate Action After COP26


On the face of it, COP26 – the climate meeting in Glasgow – has failed, with the world still heading for 2.4°C warming this century. This would be catastrophic for humans and nature. So why am I hopeful? The short answer is that the decarbonisation of our global society, and the economic system that underpins it, has become inevitable and unstoppable. What’s more, COP26, despite the painful process of disappointing compromises of UN negotiations, has indisputably accelerated the pace.

Green Bond-anza: Making Sense of the Categories


By Benjamin J. Bailey, Praxis Mutual Funds & Everence Financial

With the recent announcement that the European Union will begin issuing green bonds starting in October of 2021 and predictions that have annual green bond issuance hitting $1 trillion by 2023, many have been left wondering: “What exactly is a green bond?”

American Express: Clean Skies for Tomorrow

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Accelerating the supply and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) is crucial to reaching net zero emissions in the travel industry.

Engineering Impact: Reducing Our Footprint

Excerpts from the 2021 Medtronic Integrated Performance Report

Reducing our environmental footprint and using resources responsibly helps preserve precious natural capital, reduces our operating costs, and maintains positive relationships with our stakeholders.

We are committed to implementing policies and responsible practices to minimize operational impacts on the environment and play our part in safeguarding the planet. Guided by our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, we focus on using resources responsibly and reducing the energy, emissions, water, and waste footprints of our operations.

Engineering Impact: Product stewardship

Excerpts from the 2021 Medtronic Integrated Performance Report

Our increasing focus on product stewardship helps us preserve financial, social, and natural resources. We prioritize patient safety while reducing the environmental impacts of our products and packaging. This approach helps us address current and emerging regulations and maintain customer satisfaction.

We are experiencing shifting demand toward more sustainable products and packaging as stakeholders examine the global environmental impacts of a product’s full life cycle. Because

Izzo: U.S. (And N.J.) Can Be Leader in Coming Clean Energy Technologies


By Tom Bergeron

After meeting with global thought leaders and government heads at the Convention of Climate Change — better known as COP26 — in Glasgow, Scotland, Public Service Enterprise Group Chairman and CEO Ralph Izzo flew back to New Jersey last Wednesday with a definitive takeaway.

HP Inc. Expands Forest Conservation Partnership With World Wildlife Fund

by Patrick Moorhead

As a tech analyst, I like to cover a wide range of topics, from hard news (new products, services, financials), to the softer content, such as business strategy, company culture and corporate social responsibility programs. It should be no surprise that those tech companies that shine in the latter areas also tend to be the most successful after the markets close on earnings day.   

Kimberly-Clark's Chief Scientist Discusses Humanity-Centric Innovation at TEDxOshkosh

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Kimberly-Clark is excited to share that Pete Dulcamara, the company’s chief scientist and technical vice president, will speak at the TEDxOshkosh event on Nov. 20.


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