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Electronic Payments Allow Charities to Focus on the Things That Matter


Before we climb on to our soapbox to discuss one of our favorite automation efficiency topics, we wanted to start with a kick-off question: when was the last time you sent someone a letter in the mail? As in, you got some paper stock, you typed or wrote out your message, folded it neatly, inserted it into an envelope, purchased a stamp and walked it to the mailbox or post office to wait the appropriate number of days for it to arrive at its intended destination (in some cases never knowing if it did). Has it been a while? 

MetLife Foundation | In Our Communities

MetLife Foundation was founded in 1976 to continue MetLife’s long tradition of corporate contributions and community involvement.
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While financial inclusion is our global focus, we are proud to sponsor initiatives in other philanthropic areas. Our impact expands beyond the financial health of our communities to support for medical research, arts and cultural institutions, disaster relief, and civic initiatives . The Foundation remains committed to being a positive force in every community where we work.

Learn more about our commitment to our communities in the MetLife Foundation Annual Report 2015 

Rescued Snowy Owls Released Back Into the Wild


Manitobans love their snowy owls. The distinctive yellow-eyed, black-beaked white birds are not exactly a common feature as they tend to stay and breed in the sparsely-populated northeastern part of the province.

But come winter, the territorial birds of prey will chase their youngest or weakest away from the habitat, forcing them to escape south for better chances of hunting the lemmings and small rodents they eat.

MetLife Foundation 2015 Global Focus on Financial Inclusion

To advance our goals, The MetLife Foundation chose three strategic areas–two that are client-focused and one that supports the financial inclusion industry as a whole
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MetLife Foundation 2015 Global Focus on Financial Inclusion 

The MetLife Foundation works in both developing and developed economies to expand and improve financial services. We fund approaches that help low- and moderate-income people:

Benevity Launches OneWorld, the Only Complete International Giving and Volunteering Solution

New Product Offers Fast, Low-Cost Access to More Than 2 Million Vetted Global Charities
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CALGARY, AB., May 3, 2016 /3BL Media/ Benevity, Inc., the global leader in online workplace giving, matching, volunteering and grant management solutions, released Benevity O

The Carbon in our Food


“If food waste were a country by itself, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China and the United States.”

Are you ready for a punch in the gut? Seriously, I would brace for this one. It’s going to hurt. Here we go, from page 3 of Food Foolish:

Susquehanna Service Dogs: A Grassroots Effort that Took Seed and Blossomed


“Each person who volunteers their time in any capacity,” Pam Foreman, director of Susquehanna Service Dogs, says, “each person partnered with an SSD dog, each employee and each person who provides a monetary or in-kind donation of any amount makes this program what it is.” Harrisburg Magazine provides a "behind the scenes" look at Susquehanna Service Dogs and how little puppies become working service dogs.

Original article by Angelique Caffrey for Harrisburg Magazine

Valued Roles: A Gift that Keeps on Giving


We can work towards the “good Indian life” for people who are vulnerable by focusing on helping people have social roles which are valued. Social roles which are typical and valued open up all kinds of doors for people – and seem to be the typical ways that most of us gain acceptance, belonging, personal growth, friendship, opportunities, and a good reputation. Roles also help us define who we are, and the way we envision ourselves. Now that’s something we want to pay attention to.

Corporate Giving & Engagement: Increasing Employee Participation

Part 4 in a 4-part Series on Strategic CSR Programs
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One of the hallmarks of a strategic CSR program is emphasis on Increasing Employee Participation. On one hand, your customers are demanding more from your company every day. On the other, your employees— and the talent you want to bring on board—are demanding more, too. Study after study shows that employees today— especially Millennials—are looking for a sense of purpose to be embedded in their work.


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