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How Management Consultants Can Build A Better World


More and more, nonprofit philanthropists, such as Pierre M. Omidyar and Peter B. Lewis are providing management consulting services to their grantees in order to increase their organizational effectiveness. Good move. In fact, better for the world, considering the vital missions of these NGOs and nonprofits--eliminating poverty and disease and building a more peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous world for all people.

Are You Ready for a Nonprofit Board: Ten Questions to Consider


I'm an activist when it comes to recruiting talented people to serve on nonprofit boards. My friends know that when I leave a party, a few people might be on a new path that will lead to their joining nonprofit boards. Only because I so often meet amazing people who are interested in boards but don't quite know what a board does, what will be expected of them, or how to find the right board that fits their interests and where they can add value.


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