Using PI Day to Teach Data Literacy


By Emily Strickland, 7th grade Math, GCS Virtual program, EDP Director, Beck Academy

Where to begin with Pi? At the end? That might take a while – since there isn’t one! In fact, that’s what people love about this mysterious mathematical constant: its never-ending string of digits, which we generally shorten to 3.14, but which is indeed infinite. As the most famous example in the world of irrational numbers, Pi cannot be written as a ratio of two integers, meaning it has a decimal that goes on forever, without ever producing a pattern…at least so far!

Closing The Gender Gap In STEM Inventions - A Conversation With Qualcomm’s EVP & President Of The Technology Licensing Business - Alex Rogers

By Carolina Milanesi

At the end of 2020, I had the opportunity to attend a fireside chat hosted by Invent Together, a coalition of organizations, universities, companies and other stakeholders focused on understanding and addressing the diversity gap in inventi

Rockwell Automation Tools Power Roller Coasters Like Valravn at Cedar Point

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Did you ever wonder how a roller coaster works? The answer is revealed in this video which shares the “magic” behind the technology powering Valravn roller coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

As part of the “It’s Not Magic, It’s Science” series, STEM influencer Jay Flores explains how sensors connected to Rockwell’s Programmable Logic Controller work together to help the vehicle purposefully navigate the ride’s track quickly and safely.

Celebrating the Power of an HBCU Education and its Impact on 3M's Culture


For 3Mers who graduated from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), the impact of their education on the contributions they bring to work are evident. “Both 3M and my HBCU have a strong focus on collaboration, honesty, integrity and a passion for change,” said Braxton Hooks, a Safety & Industrial Business Group (SIBG) sales representative and graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical (N.C. A&T) State University. “As a student, there was a strong encouragement to have integrity and to be honest with all people.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

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  • Women make up half of the U.S. workforce.
  • Only 13% of engineers are women.
  • Only 28% of STEM workers are women.
  • Inclusion of diverse perspectives is essential to innovation. 

Today is Girl Day: Introduce a Girl to Engineering. Studies researched by Engineers Week show that young women who choose or persist in engineering and STEM tend to have strong role models in the field.

Being A Trailblazer in the Tech Field

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This Women’s History Month, Edwige Robinson, T-Mobile’s new Senior Vice President of the Central Regional Network Engineering & Operations, shares her journey from Africa to America, overcoming adversity and seizing opportunity to pave a way for herself and blaze a trail for others.

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Engineering, Perseverance, and Inspiration

By Jay Alexander | CTO at Keysight Technologies
Press Release

Some interconnected themes seem to have converged in my brain this February. A framed certificate reminds me that 30 years ago this month I earned my Professional Engineering license back in Colorado. I remember that I had to drive to Denver on two different occasions for 8-hour exams, and also provide evidence of completing progressively more challenging assignments at work.

“Sometimes You Have To Be Your Own Hero”

T-Mobile’s new Senior Vice President of the Central Regional Network Engineering & Operations shares her journey from Africa to America, overcoming adversity and seizing opportunity to pave a way for herself and blaze a trail for others.

By Shawna Ryan, T-Mobile Stories

Ask Edwige Robinson what gave her the grit to embark on a courageous career path in a field where she had no mentors and no clear path to success, and her answer may surprise you.

“I love this question because it will help many people — you see, I stumbled into the tech realm a couple of decades ago.”

Rockwell Automation and Cedar Point Launch Video Series Demonstrating the STEM Concepts Behind Amusement Park Attractions

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As a part of Engineers Week, Rockwell Automation and Cedar Point launched a series of five youth-focused videos called, “It’s Not Magic, It’s Science!” The first video featuring attractions at Cedar Point, a 364-acre amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, launched on social media this week.

Hosted by STEM influencer Jay Flores, the videos share real-life examples of science, technology, engineering and math in action. Each video includes three parts: an experiment, an explanation of the science behind the experiment, and an application of the same concept in a park attraction.

Imagining Tomorrow With No-Cost Educational Resources for National Engineers Week 2021


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