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First Hydrogen Fueling Station Network in U.S. Now Stretches Across California


It’s the classic chicken-or-the-egg question. If attempting to revolutionize the auto industry, do you introduce the car or the supporting infrastructure first? For Joel Ewanick, the answer was obvious – get the infrastructure in place.

Five Cities That Are Leading the Way on Solar Power

By Jonathan Deesing

Solar power is rapidly expanding in the U.S. — by 2015, there was enough solar capacity to power 5.4 million American homes. And the nation’s major cities are leading the revolution to power their metropolises with clean energy and sustainable lifestyles.

Utilities Can Better Secure Customer Relationships by Offering More Distributed Energy Resources


As falling costs for distributed energy resources reduce the barriers to entry, new players like solar and battery storage developers are establishing relationships with utility customers. This is raising new concerns that without action, utilities will lose their cherished one-to-one customer relationship.

In response, some utilities are offering utility-owned rooftop solar in direct competition with third-party solar installers, while others are offering community solar programs – in both cases to meet customer demand for renewables while maintaining the customer relationship.

100-Year-Old Giant Cacti Preserved In Mexico

Preservation effort one of several examples detailed in TransCanada’s 2015 CSR Report

Newly released Corporate Social Responsibility report highlights sustainable efforts

Georgia Department of Transportation Board Endorses Innovative, Safe and Sustainable Demonstrations on The Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway Paving the Way for Sustainable Transportation Innovation

The Ray Will Become a Proving Ground for Safer, Smarter Highway Mobility
Press Release

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) State Transportation Board yesterday passed a resolution endorsing a project of The Ray C. Anderson Foundation, The Ray, to re-imagine our highway system into one that is safer and more sustainable.

The Ray, officially known as the Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway, is an 18-mile corridor on Interstate 85 that connects exits 1 and 18 – from West Point, Ga., to LaGrange Ga.

Michigan Cat Helps Homestead Dairy Turns Problem into Profit


Brothers Floyd and Dan Houin operate a massive dairy operation, but when the odor began impacting nearby residents, the Houins had to find a way to turn a problem into a profit.

Read more about how their biomass waste-to-energy facility is providing a profitable solution.

CALSTART Membership Expands Black & Veatch’s Footprint in Alternative Fuels Market

Affiliation with clean technology alliance supports transition to zero emission transportation
Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, June 17, 2016 /3BL Media/ – Black & Veatch, an engineering and construction company with deep experience in deploying electric vehicle and sustainable transportation infrastructure, announced today it has joined CALSTART, a respected national non-profit alliance devoted to clean transportation technology.

Come Fly With Me: Gevo CEO Patrick Gruber

Multimedia with summary

Is the biofuel craze of a few years ago really dead? This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio, Pat Gruber, thinks not. While plummeting oil prices may have flattened the appeal of biofuel in the auto industry, the air travel industry’s interest appears to be just taking off. Gruber’s company, Gevo, provided the fuel for the first corn-powered commercial passenger flight in U.S. history this month. We discuss his company’s technology, the competitive bio jetfuel landscape, and what feedstocks are likely to be used to power future flights.

Cities Are ‘Smartening Up’ for the Future with IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) – the concept that all devices that can be connected will be connected – is starting to take root in cities in various parts of the globe. IoT is being used to better manage energy, water, transportation and safety – but what exactly does this look like in first-adopter cities?

Innovative Energy Systems at Caterpillar


As a manufacturer of heavy equipment, some of Caterpillar’s operations are extremely energy-intensive. But even in our most energy-dense environments, Caterpillar employees have found ways to implement innovative energy systems that reduce our energy costs as well as our environmental impacts.


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