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Sprint Pushes ecoEnvelope to Solve for Consumer Apathy


What does a company do if its consumers are not as "green" as it would like them to be? This was the question Sprint faced when, in spite of its paperless billing program, close to 70 percent of its customer base continued to opt for paper statements. With a paperless adoption rate of only three-to-four percent a year, Sprint decided it needed to push the envelope to reduce waste and save money.

A New Treatment For Breast Cancer That Makes A Difference


By Dr. Len

This is the stuff of science fiction, a dream, something you could envision but were skeptical it could be done. But now it has been done, and raises the question of whether we are headed "back to the future" in the treatment of cancer.

The Connected Child: Using Technology to Rise Above Disabilities

The caregivers of a child with a rare genetic disorder use a range of technologies like tablets and smart phones to help her learn, track her care and provide consistent learning experiences.

London was born with a rare genetic condition, but with the help of everyday consumer technologies - from tablets, smart phones, apps and social media - she's learning new skills at a rapid rate. An experimental concept called The Connected Child enables London's caregivers to ensure that they're all on the same page with everything that she does, tracking her learning approaches to see what works and what doesn't.

The New Talk: Birds, Bees and Mobile Safety


The New Talk: Birds, Bees and Mobile Safety

Janiece Evans-Page, assistant vice president - community engagement, AT&T

When I became a parent, I agonized and prepared myself, to the extent possible, for “the talks” I’d have to have with my kids as they grew up – stranger danger, the birds and the bees, say no to drugs. But a recent study we commissioned with GfK reinforced the importance of another talk we all need to have with our kids – mobile safety. 

Parents Can Rule, Kids Can Be Cruel, New Mobile Phone Study Reveals

AT&T Commissioned Poll on Families’ Mobile Behavior Sheds Light on Rules-Setting and Bullying; AT&T Offers Modern Tools to Help Manage
Press Release

(3BL Media) Dallas, TX - June 12, 2012 - The AT&T Mobile Safety study of 1,000 parents and 500 children by GfK shows that there’s an opportunity for parents and kids to have more discussions about the sometimes contentious topic of mobile phones

IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team Proposes Strategy For Safer, More Efficient and Convenient Public Transport in Greater Rabat

Press Release

RABAT, Morocco, June 11, 2012 / 3BL Media / PRNewswire/ -- A team of IBM (NYSE: IBM) experts funded by an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant, has provided government leaders with initial recommendations for a more effective and efficient public transport system in Rabat and nearby Sale and Temara, by 2020.

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Florida Power & Light EcoAd Campaign Helps Miami-Dade County Save

Nine County Parks receive high-efficiency lighting retrofits thanks to CBS' EcoMedia
Press Release

EcoAd Program Selected As 2012 Edison Awards Finalist

EcoMedia Will Be Recognized at Edison Awards Gala on April 26 in New York
Press Release

(3BL Media) New York - February 21, 2012 - It was recently announced by the internationally known Edison Awards that EcoMedia has been named a finalist for the 2012 Edison Best New Product Awards™.  EcoMedia is competing for leading Social Innovation within the Innovative Services category, one of 13 categories honored by the Edison Awards.

Toward Rio: Leading Business Sustainability Groups Make Case for Greater Scale and Collaboration

Press Release

(3BL Media) New York/Amsterdam - June 7, 2012 - Two of the world’s most prominent business-oriented sustainability organizations – the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – today issued a joint statement highlighting the urgent need to take pioneering corporate sustainability practices to greater scale, and calling on governments to work more fully with the international business community in the years and decades to come.


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