Alliance Data and Roadrunner Food Bank: Transforming Data Through Technology

Apr 29, 2019 8:20 AM ET
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Alliance Data expanded its partnership with Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico through a significant data-for-good investment that will revolutionize the way the food bank operates and serves its clients. Almost 16 percent of the diverse New Mexico population is food insecure. Roadrunner serves all 33 New Mexican counties across the state—with the majority of people living in rural areas—making it increasingly difficult to distribute food to those in need. After upgrading their internal technology focused on managing inventory, volunteers, and their clients, Roadrunner identified the need to shift to using data and technology to manage their external stakeholders for long-term sustainability. Over the next four years, Alliance Data’s investment will enable Roadrunner to redesign and overhaul their website, update their partner agency portal, and create client data tracking software to better serve those in need, creating New Mexico’s most extensive dataset about people seeking charitable food assistance. These initiatives will enhance the well-being of the hungry people Roadrunner serves, improve stakeholder engagement through effective internal and external communications, and recognize Roadrunner as the statewide leader in ending hunger – both now and in the future.