Curious Minds Are Brewing With Fair Trade

Info-graphics that explain how Fair Trade addresses some pretty serious stuff
Oct 7, 2015 9:00 AM ET
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Child labor is a critical issue in our food systems. In fact, recent studies show that instances of child labor are increasing in some of the world's more important agricultural regions, like in West African cocoa production for example. 

Fair Trade does not simply aim to prohibit child labor, it aims to eliminate reliance on child labor by making farming a viable profession for generations to come. This means helping farming families earn a stable, sustainable income, and providing access to funds that support scholarship programs, school supplies and other education opportunities. 

Fair Trade USA surveyed a group of Fair Trade farmers in the Ivory Coast in 2013, and found that primary school education levels increased from about 65% to 80% in one year due to effective spending of Fair Trade Premiums on education initiatives

So celebrate Fair Trade Month, spread the word, and #BeFair when you shop in October and beyond to support education in farming communities worldwide.