Domtar Sustainability: Industrial Ecology Made Real

Aug 3, 2017 9:15 AM ET
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A long-time ideal of sustainability has been the concept of industrial ecology—the notion that industrial processes would benefit from mimicking the closed-loop efficiency of a natural ecosystem. Unlike conventional industrial processes, an ecosystem is not a process with a beginning and an end. An ecosystem is a continuous cycle through which materials flow.

Domtar’s mill in Windsor, Quebec, has brought this vision closer to reality. The mill, which relies on nearby Domtar-owned forestlands for its wood supply, is now returning materials from the mill’s manufacturing process back to these same forests.

Early results are promising. The application of a stabilized mixture of potassium-rich wood ash, acid-balancing lime and other effective soil amendments from the mill is improving tree growth in the Domtar forest.

And there is more to love. This innovative capturing and recycling of nutrients and other materials between man-made and natural systems is helping the Windsor Mill become free of the need to dispose of byproducts in its landfill.

More than 90 percent of what was previously considered waste is now being beneficially reused.


Domtar’s 2017 Sustainability Report details the company’s endeavor to take a longer term view of creating and preserving value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities.  For more inspiring stories about Domtar's sustainability efforts, visit the Domtar Newsroom. To view the full 2017 Sustainability Report click here

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