Dream Big Film Should Change How We Talk About Engineering with K-12 Students

Nov 14, 2016 7:55 AM ET
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Bechtel and its partners, MacGillivray Freeman Films, ASCE and DiscoverE  are gearing up to release the Dream Big film on February 17, 2017. The film premieres in 3D IMAX® and giant-screen theatres worldwide and should change how we talk about engineering with K-12 students. Dream Big is an up-close look at engineering wonders around the world and also showcases kids using engineering principles that can change their life and maybe impact our world.

Bechtel, the presenting sponsor is supporting Dream Big because we believe it’s film that can inspire the next generation of engineers, innovators and STEM leaders. In addition to the film, Dream Big resources will include Community Screenings, Girls Night Out Events, and 52 hands-on engineering activities.

Premiering in February, Dream Big has great new resources and programs:

Hands-on Activities
Download 52 engineering activities.

Community Screenings 
Organize a Dream Big viewing.

Girls Night Out Events 
Host a special event to engage girls in engineering.

Dream Big For Engineers Week Webcast
Get more ideas — watch now.

Get Involved 
Get connected to your local museum.