Entergy's Electric Vehicle Investments Featured on EEI Electric Perspectives Podcast

Oct 2, 2022 10:30 AM ET
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This week is National Drive Electric Week, and we are highlighting the substantial investments that America’s electric companies are making to accelerate the electrification of transportation and the adoption of electric vehicles.

Scott Barrios, Entergy manager of business development, joined Kellen Schefter, EEI senior director of electric transportation, and Aki Marceau, Hawaiian Electric electrification of transportation director, to discuss electric utilities’ efforts to install EV fast chargers, how they are making switching to EVs easier for customers and how EVs play into our clean energy transition.

Entergy is a founding member of the National Electric Highway Coalition, an alliance of electric companies that are committed to providing EV fast charging stations and ensuring EV drivers have access to a seamless network of charging stations across major U.S. travel corridors.

Learn more about Entergy’s investments in electric vehicle infrastructure and listen to the Electric Perspectives podcast here.