Mosaic's 2025 ESG Performance Targets - Engage Suppliers and Service Providers Annually

Learn more about the intent of the target and how we'll get there
Feb 12, 2021 9:30 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

In this video series, we’re sharing more about the intent of Mosaic’s 2025 ESG Performance Targets and how we’ll get there. Acting Responsibly is a strategic priority for our employees and our company. This critical work helps Mosaic to maximize our positive impact on society.

This week, hear from Corporate Services Manager Tiffany Davis and Director of Supply Chain Logistics Dave Finken as they talk about one of our society targets: Engage suppliers and service providers annually, representing 80% of Mosaic’s total North American procurement and supply chain expenditures, to assess their commitment to and performance in key ESG areas such as environment, diversity and human rights.

Learn more about our focus areas and targets by visiting and check out past videos from this series at