Purpose 360: A New Future of Work and Wealth With Ownership Works

Sep 2, 2022 9:00 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

Millions of Americans lack the stability and security that wealth bestows. Even many two-income households are living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to meet their basic needs and lacking financial security in case of an emergency. Strikingly, the bottom 25% of households have a medium net worth of only $300 and 26% of workers have no money saved for retirement.

Ownership Works, a nonprofit organization, is working to change that by partnering with companies to provide employees with the opportunity to build wealth at work. Through shared ownership, all employees – from management to the assembly line – become owners in the company.

We invited Pete Stavros, Founder of Ownership Works, to explain the nonprofit’s approach to broad-based employee ownership and its proven impact on company culture, financial returns, and employees’ financial security.

Listen for Pete’s insights on:

  • How shared ownership directly impacts corporate performance.
  • How Ownership Works uses data to track equity by level and demographics.
  • What pitfalls to avoid when introducing shared ownership.
  • What is necessary for shared ownership to be successful in a company.

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