Take a Bite Out of the Best-Tasting Apples from BJ's Wholesale Club

To celebrate National Apple Month, BJ's & Hudson River Fruit Share the Story Behind Wellsley Farms Apples
Oct 6, 2015 12:55 PM ET
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To celebrate National Apple Month, BJ's Wholesale Club is sharing the story behind its Wellsley Farms Apples. Working with the fourth-generation, family-owned Hudson River Fruit, BJ's Members don't have to go out on a limb to pick the best-tasting apples. When they see the Wellsley Farms Apples stocked on the shelves at BJ's Clubs, they'll know its color and sweetness is a result of the perfect growing conditions in the Northeast. In the hills and valleys of New York and Vermont, this region is renowned for mineral-rich soil and sunny days and cool nights to produce the freshest, most delicious Wellsley Farms Apples.

To learn more about Wellsley Farms Apples, please visit: http://journal.bjs.com/article/theres-story-behind-our-apples.