$2.3 Trillion Annual Windfall Could Be Created with New Business Models in Food and Agriculture

There’s a headline that catches the eye: $2.3 trillion is a very large number. That projected revenue figure comes from a report by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, an association of corporations and organizations that “aims to inspire business leaders to seize upon sustainable development as the greatest economic opportunity of a lifetime.” Its ambitious mission is backed up by some equally ambitious numbers: the $2.3 trillion in new annual revenue could be “unlocked” by 2030 with an annual investment of $320 million in sustainable business models, says the BSDC, leading to more than 80 million jobs, 90% of them in the developing world. Read the full report, Valuing the SDG Prize in Food & Agriculture, for the convincing details. At a time of relentlessly gloomy other news, its optimistic yet factually based plans will give your spirits an inspiring lift, indeed.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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