A Winning Formula: Gender Diversity ⇒ Diversity of Thought ⇒ Better Decisions = More Success

Are companies with more senior women more successful? Yes, argues Results at the Top: Using Gender Intelligence to Create Breakthrough Growth by Richard Nesbitt and Barbara Annis. Recent research confirms a pillar of the book’s claim—that businessmen with daughters are on point with this message. The Economist reports that Harvard researchers studying the male-centric venture capital world found that VC partners with one extra daughter rather than an extra son led to a 24% higher probability that a firm would have a senior female manager. Such firms had a 2.9% higher chance that its deals would be a success (an IPO or other profitable sale). They also recorded higher internal rates of return.  For those who need data to confirm that “hiring women is indeed a sound business strategy,” here’s persuasive evidence.

John Howell, Editorial Director