Sustainability Reporting: 3BL Media and G&A institute Team Up for Distribution and Benchmarking

As sustainability reporting is integrated into mainstream reporting, more demands have been made upon the once-subsidiary activity to become as available and credible as traditional reports. Now, the distribution and benchmarking of sustainability reports are getting a big boost from a new partnership. 3BL Media, owner-operator of a portfolio of communications and outreach services —Justmeans, CSRwire, Ethical Performance, Report Alert, and SocialEarth— has teamed up with G&A Institute, a provider of consulting services and a research firm that helps businesses and organizations identify, quantify, analyze and manage ESG issues. The goal? To help organizations communicate and validate their reporting more effectively. 3BL Media provides the largest CSR and sustainability distribution network while G&A supports strategies by benchmarking sustainability reporting against peers. Working together, the collaboration marks a big step forward for what has become a critical practice for companies and organizations.

John Howell, Editorial Director