The Internet of Things Disrupts Healthcare Practices

Mention the Internet of Things (IoT) and healthcare applications, and you’re probably aware of such gadgets as smart watches, Fitbits and Jawbones. But a new report on describes how “an ecosystem of internet-enabled devices and sensors, microprocessors, data hubs, communications networks, and analytics programs, is ushering in an era in which data is seamlessly collected, shared, and analyzed.” Pharma companies, hospitals and clinics, health providers, and health insurers at work on ways to use IoT to cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes. All the big tech firms—Samsung, IBM, GE, SAP, Philips, Google, and Apple—are driving innovation in this area. Why? A bottom line worth an estimated $163B by 2020, says eMarketer. Stay tuned for future changes in healthcare practices using IoT that will be truly revolutionary.

John Howell, Editorial Director