Bread Financial 2021 ESG Report: A Message From Dana Beckman

Aug 22, 2022 9:00 AM ET

I am honored to lead the ongoing advancement of our ESG strategy and objectives, driving responsibility and accountability throughout our organization. Bread Financial’s 2021 ESG Report represents a year of significant advancements in our responsible business practices.

In establishing our renewed ESG strategy, we now have a well-defined framework and roadmap that clearly outline our environmental and social priorities. This clarity supports our desire to provide increased transparency, ensuring consistent and comparable disclosure with decision-useful information and progress on our performance. We will continue to focus on consistent and authentic communications and reporting that ensures what we share publicly is in full alignment with how we operate internally.

While our transformation to Bread Financial marks a new era for our business, the progress documented in this report is borne out of Bread Financial’s decades-long commitment to responsible business practices. This ninth ESG report signifies an exciting time for the company as we introduce our significantly enhanced ESG strategy, marking another notable milestone in the maturity of our sustainability efforts.

In closing, I would like to take a moment to thank our leadership team for setting the tone at the top, and our Board of Directors, who provide the critical oversight necessary to assure our stakeholders of their governance commitments. Collectively, there are clear expectations of accountability for executing against our ESG priorities across the entire organization. It takes integration and unification companywide to achieve our ambitious agenda.

We look forward to communicating our continued progress in future reports as we work to align our programs and policies with evolving stakeholder expectations, ESG reporting standards and related regulations.

Dana Beckman
Head of Sustainability

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