Bringing Pro Bono Stories to Life | Taproot Foundation's Advisory Service Newsletter

Aug 23, 2019 12:15 PM ET

Good stories spark admiration. Great stories spark action. 

Pro bono service has the ingredients for a great story—diverse perspective, cross-sector collaboration, personal and professional growth, all in service of positive social change. But we know storytelling isn't that simple. 

And yet, capturing and sharing captivating stories of impact has become more important than ever. According to Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer, employees have higher trust in their employers than community institutions and are looking to their companies to do “more than business as usual." 

In this newsletter, we're sharing our latest resource—Telling your Pro Bono Story— and offering up tips and tricks to bring your stories to life.

Telling Your Pro Bono Story --> Read more 

Download our latest resource for a step-by-step guide on developing your storytelling strategy, and learn how VMware Foundation and Morgan Stanley have amplified their pro bono programs through telling stories of impact. 

Bring out Your Inner Storyteller --> Read more 

Telling a good story is powerful. Brands know that telling authentic, real stories engenders trust and inspires engagement with consumers. In our latest Quick Consult, Taproot’s Director of Marketing and Communications Crystal Hendricks-Kretzer shares some helpful tips for jump-starting your corporate storytelling.  

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