How Businesses are Taking Action to Ensure Health & Promote Well-Being #SDG3

Mar 25, 2016 9:00 AM ET

This week, Global Sourcing Council's 17 Weeks for 17 SDGs Intiative explores Goal 3 with examples of action from organizations and businesses to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all in their business strategy.

The Global Challenge: Why Take Action?

Six million children under five are dying every year. Women’s health is also in jeopardy, with the maternal mortality ratio 14 times higher in developing regions than developed. Taking action for Goal 3 can help provide quality care for mothers during pregnancy, as well as after birth, while increasing child survival. HIV is another major health challenge around the world, one that puts adolescents particularly at risk.

Your Business Opportunity:

Investing in healthy lives and well-being for all can build your reputation in corporate responsibility, while strengthening the communities in your supply chain. Goal 3 has been ranked as the SDG with the highest potential for business opportunities (along with Goal 8 on employment and economic growth). Contact us to showcase your leadership in ensuring good helath and promoting well-being.

Click Here to Find Examples of How to Take Action such as:

  • Identify and engage with suppliers operating in areas of health and wellness challenges: CIA World Factbook; World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Human Development Report; and  Substance Use Disorder Calculator
  • Make a positive impact - Incorporate best practices into your workplace: International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • Learn from business leader examples of SDG 3 in action: Johnson & Johnson and Tata Group
  • Collaborate with NGOs and other companies: Partnership for Workplace Mental Health and Paragon Partnerships
  • Highlight your work for health in sourcing: 3S Award 2015 Nominee: Ayzh [Video]
  • Attend an upcoming event on sustainable business and SDGs

GSC "SDG 3 in Action" is sponsored by Teleperformance:

Teleperformance  employees spend a significant portion of their time and energy at work. Therefore Teleperformance plays a crucial role in improving their employees’ health, well-being and ultimately their quality of life, not only as an employer but also as an advocate for health in society. Learn more.

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