Make Goodness Matter - The Problem with the Status Quo

Oct 18, 2012 11:00 AM ET

We get asked all the time about best practices in corporate and workplace giving and volunteering. What people really want to know is how they can Make Goodness Matter – to their brand, to their employees, to their bosses, heck to the world at large!

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Go ahead, start making goodness matter...
Bryan de Lottinville on Making Goodness Matter
Why do “goodness” or social good programs matter to companies (and if they don’t, why should they)? As we approach that time of year when most companies are more focused on trying to engage their employees, customers and other stakeholders in giving back, we at Benevity thought it a good time to launch a discussion on some of the “why” of these programs. And, in our typically helpful way, follow that up with some useful “how to’s” to address some of the challenges we talk about.
If Goodness is to really matter to companies (including their employees, customers, the C-suite and investors) then we need it to have more business meaning.
Houston, We Have a Problem
If we want to Make Goodness Matter (more) to companies, we have to first acknowledge that the status quo isn’t working that well. We talk to many organizations and see many corporate and employee giving programs. Although there are lots of variations, there are also recurring problem themes and issues.
Engaging Youth in Citizen Philanthropy: A Grade 5 Class Giving Project
Encouraging young people to actively participate in philanthropy and social good programs is key to solving the world’s social issues (it’s also pretty helpful for the brands that promote it!). Have you ever thought of using your company’s workplace giving program to kickstart youth in a lifelong passion for giving back? We know someone who did…
Kids & Giving: Creating the Next Generation of Philanthropists
Youth have a hunger to be meaningfully engaged in solving issues and by educating kids about the most effective and profitable approaches to giving back we can help promote opportunities that will enact greater social impact. Like most things, you need to model the behavior that you seek. Don’t forget to take the time to include your kids in looking at the why and how of giving back.
At Benevity, we are focused on helping companies make more impact with their corporate giving programs, though it’s not always easy to keep your program fresh and come up with new ideas to engage your employees and customers.


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