Weekly Highlights April 25,2013

Weekly Highlights April 25,2013
Apr 30, 2013 11:00 AM ET

Top Stories of the Week

Next Step’ In Sustainability Reporting To Be Unveiled In May, Says GRI      
(Tuesday - April 23, 2013)
Source: Global Reporting Initiative - The next generation of the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – G4 – will be unveiled next month, it was confirmed today. The latest evolution of the GRI Guidelines – now the most widely used...

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability: Freight car builders explore ways to make operations more environmentally friendly      
(Wednesday - April 24, 2013)
Source: Progressive Railroading - When a mating pair of ospreys started building a nest on a crane last year at the Greenbrier Cos. Inc.'s Gunderson rail-car manufacturing plant in Portland, Ore., plant managers were faced with a choice: try to shoo the birds...

TD touts sustainable investments      
(Tuesday - April 23, 2013)
Source: Yahoo Finance - The co-manager of the TD Global Sustainability Fund says there is growing interest in socially responsible investments (SRI) that reflect trends in areas such as climate change volatility, organic and natural goods, as well as...

The Science of Sustainability      
(Tuesday - April 23, 2013)
Source: - No doubt sustainability is one of fashion’s hottest topics—first and foremost because we need to preserve the environment, and consider how what we wear impacts where we live. But all that is green has also become “trendy”—and...

Sustainability and the Sacred       
(Monday - April 22, 2013)
Source: Huff Post - Recent droughts, hurricanes and floods have made us more and more aware of the reality of climate change, and the disastrous environmental effect of our industrialized, materialistic civilization. As our world stumbles to the...

Keys to sustainability      
(Monday - April 22, 2013)
Source: Cairns - Developing a national rating tool, supporting incentive programs and challenging builders to construct "net-zero" homes are just some of the aspects the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) wants policy makers...

GRI: More companies seeking verification of sustainability reporting      
(Friday - April 19, 2013)
Source: Corporate Secretary - It’s still early days for sustainability reporting in the US, but companies are becoming more aware of the need to go the extra mile if they want their disclosures to be trusted by investors and other stakeholders. Sustainability...

The Cultural Imperative of Sustainability      
(Friday - April 19, 2013)
Source: Environmental Leader - Recently, we hosted a truly inspired interview on our Impact Series webinar program with celebrated author and philosophy professor Kathleen Dean Moore about the ethical, spiritual, and cultural imperative of sustainability.

Go green for good reason, seek science in sustainability
(Friday - April 19, 2013)
Source: Campus Times - In celebration of Earth Day, UR’s Grassroots has traditionally organized an annual “EarthFest” to raise awareness and encourage students to be more environmentally conscious.

Fuels America Highlights Sustainability of Renewable Fuels
(Thursday - April 18, 2013)
Source: Hoosier Ag Today - Wednesday, Fuels America hosted an informational session for the media that provided an all-encompassing look at the sustainability of the biofuel supply chain. “From Farm to Fuel Tank: Sustainability in Renewable Fuel” featured...

Rethinking Sustainability Communications: Brand Strategies, Risks & Opportunities      
(Thursday - April 18, 2013) Associated Profiles : Verdantix
Source:  Eco-business - This complimentary Verdantix webinar will help executives responsible for sustainability communications, whether sitting in sustainability or marketing functions, to understand the different strategic...

ESG Issues & Players

Late 20th century was warmest in 1,400 years      
(Tuesday - April 23, 2013)
Source: AP - PARIS — Earth was cooling until the end of the 19th century and a hundred years later, the planet's surface was on average warmer than at any time in the previous 1,400 years, according to climate records presented on Sunday.

How Do Global Companies Compare When It Comes to Corporate Giving'      
(Tuesday - April 23, 2013)
Source: Just Means - How does a global company know what counts as a charitable contribution when each country around the world classifies NGOs in differing ways' A new study, Global Guide by the Committee Encouraging Corporate...

Corporate Governance and CEO Pay: The Cesspool at the Top     
(Friday - April 19, 2013)
Source: Huff Post - Top corporate executives have always been well-paid for obvious reasons. Running a major corporation is a demanding job; you would expect to pay a high salary to get and retain talented hardworking

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