Weekly Highlights August 28, 2014 Weekly Highlights August 28, 2014
Sep 2, 2014 10:15 AM ET

Top Story of the Week

Don't Confuse Sustainability with Corporate Social Responsibility
(Monday - August 18, 2014)
Source: Washington Post - No challenge derails managers from the goal of sustainability more than understanding what it means for an organization to really be sustainable. Some people think sustainability is all about environmental issues. Others see it...

Sustainability in Focus

Show me the money: how sustainability creates revenue at Bloomberg
(Friday - August 22, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - Commercial drive – the ‘oxygen of business’ – helps sustainability flow toward ‘quantitative, consumable and actionable’ new products and services, writes Christoph Lueneburger...

How sustainability leaders hold steady over the long haul
(Friday - August 22, 2014)
Source: GreenBiz - Pioneering a sustainability initiative is a lot like buying a boat. Sooner or later, the realities of maintenance overshadow whatever aspirations first inspired the investment. After the brainstorming sessions, public...

5 ways to successfully promote sustainable employee behavior
(Thursday - August 21, 2014)
Source: GreenBiz - Only 30% of employees are engaged, costing $450 to $550 billion every year in lost productivity. Yet research shows that companies with strong sustainability and social responsibility programs have much higher engagement rates.

An insider’s view: why more companies should tie bonuses to sustainability
(Wednesday - August 20, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - I didn’t get my full stock bonus last year. It wasn’t because I didn’t meet my revenue or profit goals; I exceeded them. Instead, it was because my carbon emissions reduction efforts fell short, partly due to the integration of...

Sustainability: Reconfiguring the Relationship between Humanity, Energy and the Natural World
(Wednesday - August 20, 2014)
Source: - A new ‘Zeitgeist’ is increasingly taking hold in growing pockets of society, politics and the business world. All indications point to one direction – towards the concept of ‘sustainability’ dominating human behavior and thinking...

Report highlights CPGs' sustainability achievements  
(Tuesday - August 19, 2014)
Source: Packaging World - The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has released a report that spotlights progress and achievements by food, beverage, and consumer products companies as they work to reduce their environmental footprints and implement...

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