2nd Annual mGive Text Giving Study Looks into the Minds of Mobile Donors

Jun 27, 2012 4:45 PM ET
Press Release


(3BL Media) Denver, CO - June 27, 2012 - For the second year in a row, The mGive Foundation, the leading 501(c)(3) public charity supporting U.S. mobile donation campaigns, released the annual mGive Text Giving Study, providing insight into the minds of mobile donors. The 2012 Study reinforced the findings from 2011, proving that text giving options are a great compliment to the more traditional giving channels such as direct mail, email and online giving. 

Seventy-five percent (75%) of survey respondents plan on continuing giving via text donations.  That is probably because 93 percent of all text donors report having a great or excellent experience when they donated via text message. 

Charitable giving via text is now the second most preferred way to donate money to charities.  Considering more that 78 percent of donors have had their current mobile number for more than 5 years, collecting mobile numbers from supporters must become a standard practice for nonprofit organizations.

The mGive Text Giving Study, is the only annual report about text donors.  In this second annual report, it is clear that mobile campaigns and text donation options for supporters are important to an organization’s overall success.

“The survey results in both the 2012 and 2011 mGive Text Giving Study confirm that donors expect and have positive experiences with text donation options and text communications from the organizations they support,” said Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director of The mGive Foundation. “Text giving allows everyone to participate in giving- it creates everyday philanthropists.  This study will help organizations struggling to include mobile into their broader multi-channel strategy because it is clear donors expect, enjoy  and plan to continue using text giving options.”

Some other notable findings from the study include:

  • Text donations are an entry point or an additional donation for most donors.  85 percent of respondents who give to an organization via text are also willing to give additional monies through other channels.
  • One out of every four donors is interested in giving through automatic recurring text donation options.
  • 99 percent of donors are aware that organizations offer text giving options.  This number is up from 2011 where 30 percent of donors were unfamiliar with text donation options.   
  • 78 percent of respondents want to receive text messages from the organizations they support- and they want information not just donation information.

The survey results also once again strongly indicated that donors would like to donate a higher dollar amount via text – 76 percent of donors responded that they would like to have the option to give a $25 text gift. The mGive Foundation piloted a $25 mobile donation trial with most major domestic mobile carriers that raised the maximum mobile donation amount from $10 to $25, another first in the mobile donation industry.   The results of this trial can be found on mGive.org.

Click here to download a copy of the 2012 mGive Text Giving Study.

About The mGive Foundation

The mGive Foundation (www.mgive.org) is a 501(c)(3) established to make it easy for nonprofits to quickly execute effective mobile giving campaigns – and for mobile operators to support them. The mGive Foundation has partnered with more than 60 of the nation’s leading mobile carriers (covering 99 percent of U.S. mobile customers) to enable nonprofits of all sizes to increase overall donations and reach new audiences using affordable, reliable and regulation-compliant text-based mobile giving campaigns. The mGive Foundation has supported more than 7,000 mobile giving campaigns for more than 500 nonprofit clients and processes around 85 percent of all mobile donations made today.